Reflective thermal insulation

Reflective thermal insulation is composed of a layer of insulation which can be supplied in different thickness and compressibility, by order, with a sheet of aluminum laminated on one or both sides of the insulation. The sheets of aluminum are intended for reflecting heat rays transmitted through the different building elements, reflecting them away from the building in the summer, or reflecting and preserving the heat in the building in the winter, and blocking vapors to prevent humidity accumulation.
Reflective thermal insulation provides insulation for all kinds of roofs – light roofs, shingle roofs, attics and industrialized roofing, such as metal roofs. Widespread use is made of this for the purpose of thermal insulation for outside walls in combination with a vapor block – the aluminum sheets – for preventing humidity accumulation. The reflective thermal insulation products are offered in a range of thickness and compressibility for the purpose of creating different levels of insulation.
Thickness: 1 – 15 cm.
Compressibility: 80 – 2000 grams per square meter.