Many colours of Solid Surface have exceptional colour stability, and its low moisture absorption and resistance to environmental pollutions, humidity, and freeze-thaw conditions mean Solid Surface solid surface remains sleek and homogenous wherever it is exposed to the elements.

The Sensual Side of  Solid Surface

Colourful or subdued, angular or curved, the virtually seamless lines of Solid Surface solid surface beguile the eye and its silky smoothness is a delight to the touch. Designers explore these sensuous qualities, combining Solid Surface solid surface with light to reveal the material's hidden depths. They have created tactile sculptures and intriguing design installations that engage and manipulate the senses, connecting with audiences the world over.
Alabaster, True alabaster is a soft, fine-grained form of gypsum (calcium sulfate) that is easily carved. It is slightly translucent and its color usually ranges from white to pink, although other colors sometimes occur. Alabaster is used to make statues, vases, lamp bases, jewel boxes, and other ornamental objects. These objects can be made as hard as marble by being subjected to intense heat. The ancient Assyrians used alabaster to make statues and to decorate temple interiors. Alabaster quarries are found in many parts of Europe. The alabaster mined near Florence, Italy, is especially pure and fine-grained. Italian alabaster is sometimes called Florentine marble.

When alabaster is used as an adjective, it refers to something (not necessarily alabaster) with a nearly white color and a light-diffusing surface, as in the words from the hymn America, the Beautiful: Thine alabaster cities gleam. .
This one is like a breather for those who believe in DIY kind of jobs, as it is the simplest form of wooden floor installation. Though it involves ‘Do it yourself’ propaganda, one needs to be really good at measuring and cutting.

Rather than fixing the floor boards to the sub-floor, you fix the panels or boards to each other and keep them floating. It is done by tongue and groove joinery, but this joint is fixed firmly by using a PVA adhesive.

Ideally, Laminate flooring can be done using Floating floor installation technique. But, engineered wood is also possible using this technique. However, it is not a good option for solid wood flooring. There is also a clic-lock system, where we don’t need an external adhesive as the boards get locked together. SO when the boards expand, the entire wooden floor expands as a whole unit. For this reason, an expansion gap is left around the periphery of the entire room, to accommodate any differences caused.